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6.sınıf evrensel iletişim yayınları ingilizce ders kitabi sayfa 24 ile sayfa 37 arası cevapları

Prepare a weather forecast poster and compare the weather conditions in different cities. Follow these steps:
Get a map of your home country.  Choose five cities on the map.  Listen to their weather forecast on 
TV, the radio or the Internet.  Draw suitable symbols for each weather condition on your map.  Show your poster to your classmates, compare the weather conditions in the five cities and report it to your classmates. . Work in pairs. Do you know the cities below? Ask and answer questions as in the example and take notes. Take a photo or draw a picture of your street/neighbourhood in the morning and describe what everyone is doing.


6.sınıf evrensel iletişim yayınları ingilizce çalışma kitabı sayfa 103 ile sayfa 111 arası cevapları

Match the speech bubbles with the children in activity 4.
I think the weather doesn't affect my emotions. I like the sun, the rain and the snow. I feel fine in all weather 
conditions. But I feel tired and sleepy on foggy days because it's dull outside. I think the weather really affects my emotions. I feel happy and energetic on sunny days. I want to go out and hang around all day. I don't like snowy and freezing winter days. I always feel cold and moody. Does the weather affect my emotion? Hmmm... I'm not sure. But I don't like stormy weather. Lightening and that terrible noise! Oh, I feel really scared at cfrtrmvi ninlrfc Read the speech bubbles again and answer the questions.

6.sınıf evrensel iletişim yayınları ingilizce çalışma kitabı sayfa 97 ile sayfa 102 arası cevapları

Read the information about Peter and his friends and write the names of the children in the picture.
MY FRIENDS In the picture below, you can see my friends, Pam, Jane, Kate, Sam, Jim and me.
Jim and I are at the same age, but Jim is taller and fatter than me. Sam is two years older than us. He is 15. He is shorter than Jim, but he is taller than me. He is very thin. Pam is Sam's sister. She is 11 years old. She is taller than Jane, but she is shorter than Kate. Kate is three years older than Pam, but she is two years younger than Jane. Jane is fairer than Pam, but she is darker than Kate. Jane is of medium height and medium weight. 


7.sınıf lider yayınları ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 33 ile sayfa 41 arası cevapları

 Look at the pictures. Which are mammals? Carnivores? Herbivores? Reptiles?
Choose an animal below. Use suitable words in each group and write a paragraph about it.
Camels are mammals. They live in deserts in the Middle East and Africa. It is hot and dry in deserts. They can walk a long time in the hot sand because they have      and strong . They are mostly domestic animals. They aren't endangered animals. Choose two wild animals and prepare an informative leaflet about them. Use a lot of pictures and narrate details about the animals' lives. How do you feel when you look at the pictures? Describe the pictures and your feelings. Read and match the highlighted words / phrases to the pictures in activity

7.sınıf lider yayınları ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 26 ile sayfa 32 arası cevapları

Describe the people. What are they doing)? Which sports do you usually do? table tennis basketball volleyball athletics windsurfing gymnastics rollerblading horse riding cycling baseball climbing football
rugby ice-skating swimming scuba-diving sailing dancing skating skiing parachuting snowboarding
Listen to the sounds. Write the sports that you hear. Categorize the sports in activity 1. } Read and answer the questions. I'm Clara. I'm 12. Look at the photo. It's me and Wind. 1 Wind is my horse. I started horse-riding 5 years ago. I ■ go gymnastics training 3 times a week. I usually have 1 volleyball practice in the evenings.

7.sınıf lider yayınları ingilizce çalışma kitabı sayfa 19 ile sayfa 30 arası cevapları

My name's Alex. I live in Germany. My father is a teacher. He works in a primary scool and my mother is a doctor. She works in a big hospital. I am a hardworking student and a good basketball player.
I always get up early every morning and have breakfast. Then, I usually have a training. But last week I had an accident and injured my leg, so I can't go out now. I am at home and I am really bored.
1. Where does Alex live? HelivesinGermany2. How often does he have basketball training? He usually has basketball training3. What happened last week? Hehad anaccident lastweek__ 4. How does he feel at home? Hefeels boredathome Healways hasbreakfastat home. Heusually playsbasketball.


8.sınıf atlantik yayınları ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 45 ile sayfa 54 arası cevapları

24. Read the sentences below and write the correct principles in the blanks. 1. Modern concepts take the place of traditional concepts. 2. Everybody is equal and there aren't any class distinctions. 3. The nation 
governs itself. 3. It is the seperation of state and religion. 25. Work in pairs and talk about Atatürk's principles. How do the reforms about these principles make our everyday lives better? Ask and answer questions about them. Imagine this: One of the character from the Independence War comes to the present. I
Interview him/ her. Follow these steps: Think about your character from the Independence War. Prepare your questions. Think about the imaginary answers. Write your interview in the box below.

8.sınıf atlantik yayınları ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 38 ile sayfa 44 arası cevapları

Mustafa Vernal Atatürk was horn in 1881 in Salonika. His father's name was Ali Rıza Efendi. His mother's name was Zübeyde Hanım. First, he went to Şemsi Efendi School in Salonika. Then, he entered die Military 
Middle Sdtool in Salonika. In 1895, after finishing the Military Middle School, Mustafa Vernal entered die Military Hiğt School (Askeri İdadisi) in Monastir. In 1899, he went to Istanbul and entered die Military Academy (Harbiye Harp Okulu). After finishing die Military Academy, Mustafa Vernal went to die General Staff College in 1902. He graduated from the Academy on the llISl ' January, 1905. In 1906, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the "Motherland ami Freedom Society". He had victories in the far corners of the Ottoman Empire like Mbania ami Tripoli.


8.sınıf atlantik yayınları ingilizce çalışma kitabı sayfa 17 ile sayfa 32 arası cevapları

1. Read the explanations and remember the names of Atatiirk's principles. Write the correct principle for each part. This principle says that Turkish State is a whole body with its people and homeland. No one can 
divide it and no class can administrate it. It also respects all the other nations' rights of independence. Atatiirk's pictures and his life story appeared in I many important magazines and newspapers. When a 10-year-old American boy, Curtis LaFrance, from Elmira, New York read an article about Atatürk, he sent a letter to Atatürk on October 28, 1923, just one day before Atatürk founded the Turkish Republic on October 29, 1923. Here is the letter: 
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